Preliminaries (Prelims)

What are Preliminaries?

Preliminaries are items which cannot be directly attributed to any component, element or work section but are required to carry out the works specific to the project. They are usually provided in the beginning of any BOQ to make allowance for those costs which are necessary for the running of the project but are not specifically related to any one item or operation.

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Bill of Quantities (BOQ)


What is a BOQ?

As per the definition given by Cambridge dictionary, a Bill of Quantities is a document showing a list of everything needed to build something and how much each item will cost.

NRM 2 defines a BOQ as a list of items giving detailed identifying descriptions and firm
quantities of the work comprised in a contract.

Basically it is a list of items forming part of a construction project with information about their units, quantities, rates and amounts.

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