Construction Management Procurement Route

What is a Construction Management Procurement Route?

In this route, the client hires a Construction Manager to manage and collaborate the overall design and construction activities. The design is carried out by a designer hired by the client and construction is done by trade contractors who are also hired by the client. The construction manager provides only their professional construction expertise and do not assume any financial risk. Client bears most of the construction risk. They should also have competent project management staff who are closely involved in each stages of design and construction. So this route is not suitable for an inexperienced client. Continue reading


Procurement Strategy (Procurement Route)

What is a Procurement Strategy or a Procurement Route?

Procurement is the process of purchasing goods and services. In this topic, it refers to the process of getting a construction project completed.

Procurement Strategy refers to the way in which the clients objectives are met with respect to the project. Procurement Route is the means or the actions required to carry out the Procurement Strategy.

Selecting an appropriate Procurement Strategy is one of the foremost and important tasks to be undertaken before commencing on a project.

Why is selecting an appropriate Procurement Strategy important? Continue reading