Management Contracting Procurement Route

What is a Management Contracting Procurement Route?

In this route, the client hires a Management Contractor to manage the entire building process who in turn hires works contractors to carry out the construction works. The Management Contractor is paid a fee over and above the construction costs. As compared to the Construction Management procurement route, where the Construction Manager does not have any direct contractual links with the trade contractors, in this route the Management Contractor has a direct contractual link with the works contractors and is responsible for the overall construction works. The design is done by a design team hired by the client and so the client bears the risk for the design. Continue reading


Procurement Strategy (Procurement Route)

What is a Procurement Strategy or a Procurement Route?

Procurement is the process of purchasing goods and services. In this topic, it refers to the process of getting a construction project completed.

Procurement Strategy refers to the way in which the clients objectives are met with respect to the project. Procurement Route is the means or the actions required to carry out the Procurement Strategy.

Selecting an appropriate Procurement Strategy is one of the foremost and important tasks to be undertaken before commencing on a project.

Why is selecting an appropriate Procurement Strategy important? Continue reading